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Oh my deer!

Collier Cerf1

Collier DIY CerfHello you!

Today I’d like to show you this deer necklace. I made it with a beautiful gold leather, and I painted the horns with transparent acrylique paint filled with thin glitter. You can download the pattern below. Thank you so much Julie for the cool afternoon and the pictures!

Collier cerf 2

Collier cerf DIY 7

Collier Cerf DIY 6


“Hipster or cow-girl ? – Both!”Collier Cerf 3


Collier Cerf DIY 9

Seattle cow girls ride deers, just so you know.


With this drawing, people searching Google for “sexy cowgirl on a rain dear” will land here, yeah!

See you soon my deers!

xoxo Clemmo

Collier Cerf DIY

rain dear head

Signature Clem

A Kinky Present for Valentines!

…And by kinky, I mean yummy of course! Instead of buying casual chocolates for your beloved half, surprise him / her with your own DIY chocolate tablet!

My Valentine's Chocolate

After seing this article by French blogger Vert Cerise, I was inspired to make my own chocolate for Valentine’s day. We had a lot of fun shooting the pictures with Lucie, especially when she directed me to pose like Marylin. Then I just had to print my pattern with my face on it, and add slogans like “Eat my chocolate”“Eat me I’m famous”, or “Dare my chocolate”. If you want to be even more delicate, you can add a sweet little note inside the tablet. A perfect gift if, like me, you like to mix humor and romanticism.

Eat my Chocolate!

Eat my chocolate!
Eat my Chocolate

Here is the pattern to download and print : download pattern. It fits a 100 g Cadbury tablet, but I recommend you wrap the chocolate with a draft pattern at first. Wrapping can be tricky and you might have to adjust the pattern according to the chocolate brand.

You might also be happy to know the DIY also works with pickles. (Cornichons in French) Juste in case you’d like to trick someone!

Eat my Cornichons!

Cornichon Valentines

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