The hanging kokedamas moss balls


Today, I would like to tell you about kokedamas. “Whaaat the eff are those?,” you might ask. Kokedamas: little earthen balls covered with moss in which you can grow plants. Kokedamas come from Japan, where you can even find them in specialized shops. Kokedamas are easier to cultivate than bonsais, and they are adored by the Japanese.

Japanese DIYers make their own kokedamas with plants collected from forests. What about the watering? It’s so easy!  Step 1) Spray water to keep the moss moist. Step 2) send your favorite blogger or bloggeuse a lovely note saying hello.

Nanou told me about this technique after she discovered it herself on Pinterest. Here is a selection of my favorite kokedamas, found by perusing Pinterest (for, admittedly, a couple too many hours). Delicately beautiful, aren’t they?

Kokedama clemmo

Here are the kokedamas we made for Nanou’s kitchen with ivy. Soon it will grow up and fall on the counter. Beautiful!Kokedamaclemmo1kokedamaDIYen