The Evil DIY: my Starbucks mug!

Starbucks-clemmoHello hello!

It is starting to get cold here and I want to cocoon: stay warm on my comfy leather couch and sip cinnamon hot chocolate while chatting with my best friends. Something like the atmosphere at Starbucks. In Seattle, Starbucks is at every street corner. Of course, where else could we get warm between two rain showers? (Yes, it rains a lot in Seattle, but thankfully the summer is inimitably wonderful). S’bucks, as the locals call it, was created in Seattle, in 1971. And, nope, it was not made by Dr Evil.

Evil-ClemmoStill, when we look at Starbucks’ logo, there is something frightening: creators chose the two-tailed starbuck mermaid as its symbol to make an allusion to the “spirit of Seattle.” Before Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing took over the world, Seattle was mostly known for its fishermen and its port. But in Greek mythology, the mermaid symbolizes obsession, addiction, and death. Remember the story of Ulysses: all his sailors died after jumping in the sea, bewitched by the evil siren mermaids. Hum… Starbucks would be EVIL? I decided to create my own Starbuck mug, but with a blonde touch. Enough evilness! Ready? Steady? Get your mug!

xoxo Clemmo

Ps : sorry I cracked up on the pictures XD

Clemmo-Starbucks8Clemmo-Starbucks7 en

Clemmo-Starbucks3 copieClemmo-Starbucks5

Merci à Val’ pour les photos dans un des plus luxueux Starbucks de Paris à Opéra !Clemmo-Starbucks4

Val’, Aliki & Clemmo – Do you remember the Russian Dolls? :D


Clemmo-Starbucks6Don’t forget to print this image to help you draw on the mug. I recommand printing it, cutting out the white parts, taping the image on the mug and, finally, drawing the lines on it. I used a porcelain painter with a pen tip. After this model is finished, you (carefully!) remove the printed pieces of the image and paint inside the lines. Lastly, add the mouth and the nose, and here you are! Be carefull with the drawing, it needs to dry for 24 hours. :)Starbucks-Logo-clemmo