Kokedama clemmo

The hanging kokedamas moss balls


Today, I would like to tell you about kokedamas. “Whaaat the eff are those?,” you might ask. Kokedamas: little earthen balls covered with moss in which you can grow plants. Kokedamas come from Japan, where you can even find them in specialized shops. Kokedamas are easier to cultivate than bonsais, and they are adored by the Japanese.

Japanese DIYers make their own kokedamas with plants collected from forests. What about the watering? It’s so easy!  Step 1) Spray water to keep the moss moist. Step 2) send your favorite blogger or bloggeuse a lovely note saying hello.

Nanou told me about this technique after she discovered it herself on Pinterest. Here is a selection of my favorite kokedamas, found by perusing Pinterest (for, admittedly, a couple too many hours). Delicately beautiful, aren’t they?

Kokedama clemmo

Here are the kokedamas we made for Nanou’s kitchen with ivy. Soon it will grow up and fall on the counter. Beautiful!Kokedamaclemmo1kokedamaDIYen

DIY Stars Shirt

Stars on my shirt!

chemise DIY ClemmoHappy Sunday, everyone! Let me present you my latest DIY: the stars shirt!

I looked for a shirt with stars on it for a while, but I couldn’t find one that I liked. Finally, I decided to make it myself with a “textile painter” pen. I like the result, but I won’t lie to you: this DIY is more risky than it appears.

First, I had to beg someone to be my model and wear the shirt as I was painting it: John. He was not that happy about it, but I convinced him with a chocolate mousse and TV. One episode of South Park later, it was done. It is tricky to draw quickly enough so that the ink doesn’t expand everywhere on the fabric. With a thick fabric, the paint is usually not uniform; on a light one, the color expands in the fabric and the result is ugly. To prevent this, work quickly but make sure your strokes are precise. I recommend trying the pen on a fabric sample before drawing on the shirt so you know how the ink behaves. Here is my result!

xoxo Clemmo

chemise DIY Clemmo

chemise DIY ClemmoDSC_0471chemise DIY ClemmoBig-ups to Val’ for the pics!DSC_0448chemise DIY Clemmo

Pink Flamingo toppers – Free Printable

Welcome to las vegas Hello hello, welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

As you can guess: I just came back from Las Vegas, and it was sparkly and excessive, in other words: totally awesome. To honor the famous “Flamingo hotel”, one of the first to settle on the Las Vegas “Strip”, I want to offer you these flamingo toppers to print. You just need to print them on sticker paper, cut them carefully and put them on a stick.

I added a few pictures of the trip. I did an international star caprice to adopt a pink flamingo from the tropical garden but the hotel staff called security.

If you want to adopt a flamingo and be a rebel, share, like, tweet and comment this article!

All the gossips are on Facebook at ClemmoAroundTheWorld!

xoxo Clemmo

Pink Flamingo Banner_Clemmo pink flamingo clemmo Flamingo clemmo flamingo clemmo Flamingo clemmoGIF-pink-flamingo-clemmo flamingo-hotel-casino-las-vegas Clemmo_Flamingo And the free printable is heeeeere: Pink Flamingo Clemmo

The Gatsby Headband



Today I would like to celebrate the roaring twenties with this sparkly headband inspired by the movie The Great Gatsby. In this movie, I loved the style of Carey Mulligan, and I absolutely wanted to steal her accessories. My passion for the twenties is not new: remember this vidéo we made to invite our guests to our Roaring Twenties new year party?

Anyways: I literally fell in love with this headband from Antropologie. Then I wondered “shouldn’t I make it myself?” So below, you will learn how to make a 20’s headband from a necklace!

Thanks to Elsa for the pics. We took them in the old center of Seattle, near Pioneer Square, the favorite place for homeless people. By the way, they loved our outfits!

See you soon, and thank you for all your nice comments :)

xoxo Clemmo

Inspiration Gatsby







How to transform a necklace into a headband:




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