Pink Easter Eggs



Hello y’all!

I hope you survived April Fools Day and its tricks!

And speaking of tricks… Here is a cool idea for Easter. I know the tradition is to paint egg shells — but what happens with the inside of the egg? I am a glutton, and I’d rather eat the egg, so why shouldn’t I paint the inside instead? These cooked eggs were infused in beet juice seasoned with vinegar and garlic. After one night, you get this psychedelicious pink result.

This easy recipe comes from the very cool Town and Cooking blog, thank you for the devilish idea!

xoxo Clemmo



– Eggs
– Canned beets (I used 3 cans for 8 eggs)
– 1 clove of garlic or shallot
– 1 tablespoon of vinegar
– Mayonnaise or wasabi, or both mixed
– Caribbean salt and spices mix
– Baking soda (optional)

– Cook the eggs for ten minutes in boiling water with a pinch of baking soda (it will make the shells soft and easier to peel)
– Open beet cans, then strain and preserve the juice. Fill a jar (or a tall recipient) with the juice, but leave enough space in the jar to submerge eggs. Keep the solid beet bits to the side. Beware of the stain risk!
– Chop the garlic or shallots and add to the beet juice, then add the vinegar.
– Peel the eggs, and plunge them carefully into the beet juice mix. To make sure the eggs don’t float, cap the jar or place something on top to keep the eggs immersed. Keep the egg jar in the fridge overnight.
– In the morning, slowly remove the eggs from the liquid: you will find they are all pink! (and infused with beet, garlic and vinegar flavors)
– Cut the eggs in half and top with Caribbean spices, mayonnaise and wasabi
– Nibble on these eggy gems with a side salad featuring the beet bits :)

Happy Easter!




Light and Fresh Spinach Wraps


Here is the result, better than in Top Chef!

Hello dear followers!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the newest blooms of Spring. We have not been enjoying a snowy winter this year. I recall paddling on the lake in late November and wearing t-shirts in February. The weather is sick! I wanted to show you winter recipes and funny pictures in the snow, but the mood and the conditions were not there. So I’m moving on to summer! I feel like eating healthy and getting prepared for the sun again. Here is a great bikini-friendly recipe: a fresh, light and green spinach tortilla wrap filled with delicious veggies. You will need these ingredients:

– lettuce
– minced red cabbage mixed with chopped green onions
– chick peas seasoned with herbs, salt, pepper, shallots, olive oil and a string of vinegar
– two avocado slices, seasoned with lemon juice, salt and pepper
– tatziki (chopped cucumber in greek yogurt with lemon juice, salt, pepper, herbs, olive oil)
– basil leaves
– cheese
– spinach tortillas

Place all the ingredients on the tortilla, wrap it up, and enjoy!
If you need help to wrap the tortilla, have a look at the animated GIF below :)

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Send me some feedback if you like it!

I will come back with cherry blossom pictures — soon!

xoxo Clemmospinach-wrap-clemmo


Here are the steps to wrap it! My advice: don’t pack it too much, secure the two sides first, then roll it while maintaining firmly the filing inside the wrap. You can use skewer wood sticks to prevent the wrap from unrolling ;)


Valentines DIY Massage Oil


Valentine’s Day is approaching!

Do you know how to please your second half? Are you still looking for the perfect, romantic, personal surprise? Last year, I made these personalized chocolate tablets. This year, I want to share this special vintage love potion — a voluptuous DIY massage blend with sweet almond and apricot oils.

This love potion will wrap your soulmate into a relaxing, ecstatic mood with a subtle scent of rose and plumeria.  Even Cupid could not resist this delicate elixir! The oil benefits anything it touches. You can use this oil to nourish everything from your cuticles to split ends in your hair.

I detailed the recipe below. I hope you enjoy a healthy, romantic Valentine’s day!

xoxo Clemmo

massage-oil-clemmo4This recipe is very simple. You will need 4 different kinds of ingredients:

– A carrier (base) oil such as sweet almond, apricot or avocado oils
– A preservative oil such as vitamin E, which will keep the oil safe to use for up to 6 months
– Essential oils for fragrance — I used Oriental Rose essential oil and plumeria fragrance
– Dry rose blossom buds and/or petals — these will infuse the oil after a few days

Don’t forget that essential oils needs to be used in moderation. They can be dangerous if overdosed, used on animals, or if you are pregnant. However, high quality essential oils, when properly used, have great relaxing and revitalizing properties!

For optimal results, use tinted glass bottles to make sure light won’t denature essential oils over time. Keep your DIY massage oil out away from heat and sun! For this recipe, I was happy to find these mini roll-on bottles. They are ideal to keep the rose buds and petals inside!

recipe-clemmo-massage-oilYou can download the labels by clicking on the image bellow. Then print them on a letter size label sheet, cut them, and they are ready to ornate your bottle!
labels-etiquettes-clemmomassage-oil-clemmo1Step 1 : Gather all ingredients. You should sterilize bottles, measuring cups and all instruments that are not plastic by “cooking” them in boiling water for five minutes. With a pipette, pour essential oils, fragrance and vitamin E into your bottle.massage-oil-clemmo2Step 2 : carefully add the flower buds and petals. Add the almond and apricot oils blend. Softly shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients together.massage-oil-clemmo3Step 3 : print, cut and stick the labels on the bottles. Don’t forget to test the oil on a tiny part of your body before using it, to make sure you don’t develop an allergic reaction.massage-oil-clemmo5massage-oil-clemmo7


Tartines Party!

tartines-toast-clemmoHello, my dear foodies!

Today, I want to celebrate fast food! But don’t be fooled; I am not an advocate of greasy, cheap, GMO-laden fast food. I love healthy, varied, and enjoyable fast food. I love food that is ready to eat in a minute, perfect for busy workdays or for a last minute party. I see you, McDonald’s, but I’m not lovin’ it.

I have learned that Americans love sandwiches. Personally, I am a huge defender of tartines. Tartines (“toast,” in French) are ready in a minute, and they can be garnished with anything. They look more appetizing than sandwiches because you can see the toppings. Why shouldn’t your snack be a work of art?!

I am very picky about bread quality. I have been quite disappointed with “French Bread” straight from the local grocery store. But, after 4 months of trying bread in the US, I am glad to tell you I have finally found a delicious one: QFC’s honey-and-sunflower seed bread. It is available at any QFC bakery — give it a try!

Below is my selection of six easy tartine recipes.

Let’s throw a tartine party!

xoxo Clemmo


The fabulous Oreo Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie-Oreo-Clemmo2Hello hello, y’all!

I hope 2015 has started well for you. In my “resolutions” list, I wish for you to keep enjoying delicious food. Let’s start with a warm, cosy smoothie recipe: a smoothie you drink while hot, a Kindle in your hands, curled up in a knit blanked next to the fireplace. A smoothie that is so good — it will make your toes curl, too.

xoxo Clemmo



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