DIY holographic clutch

Holographic Clutches DIY

So Jet Set with my pochette

“I’m so jet-set with my clutch!”


I have made these two clutches with foam and holographic paper. I wanted them to fit my computer and my graphic tablet. I have seen various holographic clutches on blogs like P.S.- I made this, but I needed my clutches to be solid enough to protect what is inside so I used foam. And I was really inspired by this Vogue purse below, so I tried to reproduce the design of it ;) The tuto and the pattern are below!

xoxo Clemmo

Pochette Holographique

Pochette HolographiquePhotos by Julie Voss

The idea comes from this picture in 2013 January Vogue magazine:

Image sac motifs evides

tuto-holographic clutchesDownload the pattern here:patron motif pochette

Signature Clem

A Kinky Present for Valentines!

…And by kinky, I mean yummy of course! Instead of buying casual chocolates for your beloved half, surprise him / her with your own DIY chocolate tablet!

My Valentine's Chocolate

After seing this article by French blogger Vert Cerise, I was inspired to make my own chocolate for Valentine’s day. We had a lot of fun shooting the pictures with Lucie, especially when she directed me to pose like Marylin. Then I just had to print my pattern with my face on it, and add slogans like “Eat my chocolate”“Eat me I’m famous”, or “Dare my chocolate”. If you want to be even more delicate, you can add a sweet little note inside the tablet. A perfect gift if, like me, you like to mix humor and romanticism.

Eat my Chocolate!

Eat my chocolate!
Eat my Chocolate

Here is the pattern to download and print : download pattern. It fits a 100 g Cadbury tablet, but I recommend you wrap the chocolate with a draft pattern at first. Wrapping can be tricky and you might have to adjust the pattern according to the chocolate brand.

You might also be happy to know the DIY also works with pickles. (Cornichons in French) Juste in case you’d like to trick someone!

Eat my Cornichons!

Cornichon Valentines

soaps clemmo

Home-made soaps


savons fleurs

Savon grenouille

Let me show you these home-made soaps! The best option to start with soap making is probably to buy a kit, to get the 4 main ingredients: glycerine soap, molds, fragrance (I have the waterlily and papyrus ones) and cosmetic colorants. If you wish to do some more, you will just have to buy a new block of glycerine! The technique is really simple: you cut little cubes of glycerine (2″ by 2″). Your kit booklet should tell you how many cubes you need to fill the molds. Then you put them in a bowl and heat them in the micro-waves until it’s melted. You should keep the temperature really low, and remember that 10 seconds are enough to melt one cube. When the glycerine is liquid (but not boiling), you can add a few drops of fragrance and colorant, and pour the liquid in your mold. In about 10 minutes, your soap should be solidified and ready to get out of the mold, voilà!

If you wish to start making soaps, I recommend these two 30$ kits:

– For kids: “Savons d’artistes”

– For adults: “savons naturels” at Aroma Zone

Each kit should produce about 15-20 soaps :)


Faux Fur Snood / Scarf DIY

Hello everyone!

The weather is freezing cold these days, and I can only wish you to stay warm! My solution? A beautiful DIY scarf made of faux fur. It’s super trendy, extremely warm and easy to make! The tutorial is below the beautiful pictures of David Speranza.

By the way : these people are my Seattle gang, and they are awesome!

xoxo Clemmo


groupe 2

Pics David Speranza

Two other scarves I made for my parisian friends, as a Christmas gift!



GIF Mathieu Vaas


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