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Here is my second article from San Francisco! Live from the beautiful gardens of the Exploratorium, let me introduce you to my “Greek goddess” headband: a laurel crown made of gold leather. Do you like it? We are just missing Dionysus and some Aphrodites! Let’s go party on Mount Olympus!

Seriously, here in San Francisco, girls have a super hippie style. They all wear headbands, and this one got some compliments with a Californian accent “Oh my GAWD, WHERE did you get it ? I NEED it !!!” Oh, California girls.

The tutorial is below ;)

Thank you for your visit, and, wherever you are, don’t stay too long under the sun (not like me)!

xoxo Clemmo

San Francisco Clemmo

clemmo headband lauriers3


clemmo headband lauriers1

San Francisco Clemmo

clemmo headband lauriers4

San Francisco ClemmoDress Elise Ryan (ASOS) & Sandals Guess !

Clemmo headband2

CLEMMO HEADBANDThe tuto:GreekGodessheadband

Some pics of San Francisco :

San Francisco Clemmo



San Francisco Clemmo

Bande de hippies, va ! ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman


John and I are “Pacsed”! The PACS is a French civil union, more flexible than marriage. We like to say we are “gay married,” because the Pacs was originally made for homosexual couples. Ironically, the PACS is much more popular among heterosexual couples in France, who look for more stability in their partnership without the rigid parameters of marriage. We hope this will allow John to stay and work in France… (*Franco-American couple issues*)

xoxo Clemmo

clemmo deer

Oh my deer!

Collier Cerf1

Collier DIY CerfHello you!

Today I’d like to show you this deer necklace. I made it with a beautiful gold leather, and I painted the horns with transparent acrylique paint filled with thin glitter. You can download the pattern below. Thank you so much Julie for the cool afternoon and the pictures!

Collier cerf 2

Collier cerf DIY 7

Collier Cerf DIY 6


“Hipster or cow-girl ? – Both!”Collier Cerf 3


Collier Cerf DIY 9

Seattle cow girls ride deers, just so you know.


With this drawing, people searching Google for “sexy cowgirl on a rain dear” will land here, yeah!

See you soon my deers!

xoxo Clemmo

Collier Cerf DIY

rain dear head

Signature Clem

A Swarovski ring made in only 1 min!

Bagues Swarovski 1min

Hello hello!

Today I found Swarovski beads in my DIY hat. I was looking for something quick and easy to make with them, and had the idea of these minute-made rings. And since their size is adjustable, they will absolutely fit anyone’s finger.

To make them, you will need Swarovski heart beads, wire, a pair of pliers, and a nail polish. This is so easy to make, just have a look at the tutorial below. ;)

xoxo Clemmo

Bagues Swarovski 1minBagues Swarovski 1minBagues Swarovski 1min

bague swarovskiclem-bagues-coeursGIF


 Signature clem

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