Bye Seattle, Hello Paris!

Bye Seattle

I was not excited for this day to come, but here we are: I am leaving Seattle after one wonderful year. It is such a beautiful city, with the sea, the lakes, the mountains, a paradize for all hipsters with a bohemian spirit. And I am not even mentionning the vintage shops with Prada & Chanel bags and pumps for $20! For a first American experience, I could not expect better! I am sad because I tried my best to stay, but no one can fight the severe US immigration laws. Though I am sure a big part of my life is there now, and I know I will go back to Seattle sooner than later.

Anyways, this is a new page in the book of my life : I am back to France, and happy to meet again my friends, the French baguette and the stinky cheese. John is with me, we hope he will get a “Carte de Séjour” and be able to stay and work. We always think of the romantic side to be a Franco-American couple, and it is! But when it comes to living in the same country, that’s another story! But for now, I am focusing on finding a new job, and this is exciting!

xoxo Clemmo

Bonjour Paris

Fruit dragon_Clemmo1

Atomic Purple Smoothie

Fruit Dragon_Clemmo

Look at this awesome flashy purple color! I have named this smoothie “Atomic Purple”!

Did you guess which ingredient hides behind this color?

It is the“Dragon Fruit”, also named “Pitaya”, a weird fruit with a kiwi flavor and a super bright pink color. My parents live in French Guyana, we just gather in France and they brought these with them. As soon as I saw it, I was yelling and excited (I am happy easily!).

What is your craziest smoothie recipe?

PS : if you are looking to another bright pink recipe, try my pink pesto pasta recipe! 

Xoxo Clemmo

Dragon fruit clemmo

Fruit Dragon_Clemmo

Fruit Dragon_Clemmo2

Clemmo’s recipe for 4 smoothies: 

In a blender, mix together:

– A little pink dragon fruit, peeled and cut in little pieces

– A banana

– The juice of one lime

– One glass of pear nectar

Mix and mix, and here you are: it’s flashy pink!

Epileptic GIF time:


Pink Flamingo toppers – Free Printable

Welcome to las vegas Hello hello, welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

As you can guess: I just came back from Las Vegas, and it was sparkly and excessive, in other words: totally awesome. To honor the famous “Flamingo hotel”, one of the first to settle on the Las Vegas “Strip”, I want to offer you these flamingo toppers to print. You just need to print them on sticker paper, cut them carefully and put them on a stick.

I added a few pictures of the trip. I did an international star caprice to adopt a pink flamingo from the tropical garden but the hotel staff called security.

If you want to adopt a flamingo and be a rebel, share, like, tweet and comment this article!

All the gossips are on Facebook at ClemmoAroundTheWorld!

xoxo Clemmo

Pink Flamingo Banner_Clemmo pink flamingo clemmo Flamingo clemmo flamingo clemmo Flamingo clemmoGIF-pink-flamingo-clemmo flamingo-hotel-casino-las-vegas Clemmo_Flamingo And the free printable is heeeeere: Pink Flamingo Clemmo

I am road trippin’

The blog is in stand by because I am road tripping!!! Hell yeah.Road trip

I will come back with many stories.

Tonight, we will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then on the road through the Arizona desert and Utah natural parks. For live anecdotes, come on my Facebook page here.

See you soon, after our crazy western adventures!

xoxo Calamity – Clemmo

The Gatsby Headband



Today I would like to celebrate the roaring twenties with this sparkly headband inspired by the movie The Great Gatsby. In this movie, I loved the style of Carey Mulligan, and I absolutely wanted to steal her accessories. My passion for the twenties is not new: remember this vidéo we made to invite our guests to our Roaring Twenties new year party?

Anyways: I literally fell in love with this headband from Antropologie. Then I wondered “shouldn’t I make it myself?” So below, you will learn how to make a 20’s headband from a necklace!

Thanks to Elsa for the pics. We took them in the old center of Seattle, near Pioneer Square, the favorite place for homeless people. By the way, they loved our outfits!

See you soon, and thank you for all your nice comments :)

xoxo Clemmo

Inspiration Gatsby







How to transform a necklace into a headband:




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