DIY Stars Shirt

Stars on my shirt!

chemise DIY ClemmoHappy Sunday, everyone! Let me present you my latest DIY: the stars shirt!

I looked for a shirt with stars on it for a while, but I couldn’t find one that I liked. Finally, I decided to make it myself with a “textile painter” pen. I like the result, but I won’t lie to you: this DIY is more risky than it appears.

First, I had to beg someone to be my model and wear the shirt as I was painting it: John. He was not that happy about it, but I convinced him with a chocolate mousse and TV. One episode of South Park later, it was done. It is tricky to draw quickly enough so that the ink doesn’t expand everywhere on the fabric. With a thick fabric, the paint is usually not uniform; on a light one, the color expands in the fabric and the result is ugly. To prevent this, work quickly but make sure your strokes are precise. I recommend trying the pen on a fabric sample before drawing on the shirt so you know how the ink behaves. Here is my result!

xoxo Clemmo

chemise DIY Clemmo

chemise DIY ClemmoDSC_0471chemise DIY ClemmoBig-ups to Val’ for the pics!DSC_0448chemise DIY Clemmo


A Muffin with a Mousse Heart

Gateau chocolat Clemmo

Chocolate muffin or chocolate mousse? Both, please! Since we need to eat a little bit of everything, why should we choose? This dessert perfectly pairs a smooth cake and a light mousse.

The story of this cake begins in a Spanish restaurant in Seattle: Tango. Their specialty is a dessert called El Diablo: “A Bittersweet cube of sinfully rich dark chocolate graced with cayenne, spicy almonds, cocoa nibs and burnt meringue finished with a tequila caramel sauce”. Enough to make me crazy! I loved the mix of cake and mousse textures, and the spicy touch added by the Cayenne pepper is a welcomed surprise.  In France, we don’t eat much spice, and even fewer spicy desserts! For this reason, every time I add Cayenne in my chocolate mousse, it’s a big hit!

Here is my recipe inspired by this cult dessert!

This blog is earning more and more followers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Thank you so much! You are the lights of my geeky nights and I wish you a lot of blondness & all the best.

xoxo Clemmo


Guess what? This is Mickey Mousse favorite dessert!

IMG_0597Clemmo’s recipe :



I tried for you: The Cat’s Café

CatsCafeGIFA big Parisian Bonjour to everybody!
divider fleurs6
So, last Friday, my Friend Val’s (who is a journalist for kids) and I went to an insolite place in Paris: the Cat’s Café. We arrived the day before the Grand Opening, but Margaux, the founder, was super nice and treated us like two Aristocat Duchesses.
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Once arrived in this special café in le Marais, we met the lucky new tenants of the place: Crookshanks, Marguerite, Oreo and 9 of their feline buddies. It has been a few days since these 12 mischevious cats live here, with their owner Margaux Gandelon, who started the project. Inspired by the “Neko bars” in Japan (Neko means cat), she created this café where you can enjoy delicious organic treats while a cat is quietly sleeping on your laps or playing with your feet. True fact: it has been scientifically proved that a purring cat is relaxing. It is called the purring therapy! So, the cat’s café is a kind of spa-relaxing place both for the mouth and spirit. Wonderful isn’t it?
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Though, while hanging out with the cats, it is important to respect some rules. “Clients have to wash their hands before petting the cats, explains Margaux. It is also forbidden to lift them, to wake them up, to feed them or to let them climb on tables”. Easy and obvious rules that won’t prevent you from enjoying a cosy moment with cats. We also noticed that it was easier to bond with the other clients of the café talking about cats and laughing about their capers.
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Cats come from 3 shelters. “We chose them according to their ability to socialize, says Margaux. We needed them to get used to the place and to the clients. In the café, we have a place were they can hide and rest if they want to be quiet. And if we notice one cat has difficulties adapting, or if he becomes aggressive, we will find a host family for him where he will be happy”.
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Anyways, if you are a cat-lover we recommend you to go spend a relaxing moment in this cosy café. Don’t forget to reserve, the place is really attractive!
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xoxo Clemmo
Photos © V. Petit
The Cat’s Café aka “Le Café des Chats”, 16 rue Michel le Comte, 75003, Paris
Phone: 09 73 53 35 81
Facebook: LeCafeDesChats
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I am unemployed

Pole Emploi1I don’t say: “I am looking for a f*** job!”

I say: “I am a project Manager for Pôle Emploi”                                                                (Pôle Emploi is France’s employment agency)


Last time I was in this state is when I overplayed World of Warcraft! But I am motivated, and Pôle Emploi is my friend. Any young graduates in the audience?

xoxo Clemmo

Celine “Fluffy Shoes” DIY

Clemmochaussures fourure


Today I am pleased to present you this fluffy DIY I had in my head for a few month. With the end of the summer, I am anticipating the cosy needs of your feet.  With these furry slippers, your feet will stay warm and purrrr. You may remember these fluffy shoes we saw at Celine’s last spring catwalk? Yes, the ones that created a buzz because nobody knows if they are genius or the summum of bad taste. Me, I say it’s all about comfort! Even the famous French blogger Garance Doré adopted them here!

Clemmo - Fluffy shoes céline4

At work or at home, how wwould you wear them? For Laureline and me, it will be pin up style, near the pool!

P.S: I did a little makeover for the blog, new banner, new side bar… Do you like it?

Thanks for following me, I wish you a lot of blondness, and take care of your feet.

Xoxo Clemmo

Clemmochaussures fourure11Clemmochaussures fourure7Clemmochaussures fourure9Et en bonus, votre vernis sèche sans problème pendant que vos pieds restent au chaud. Un miracle je vous dis !

Clemmochaussures fourure3Clemmochaussures fourure1Clemmochaussures fourure8Clemmochaussures-fourureGIFFluffy shoes tuto

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