The United-States 

I left France for the US after I graduated from my Master’s degree at Sciences Po. I wanted to work there to gain a full professional proficiency in English, and discover the american working world. I lived in Seattle for one year with John, who was born and raised there. He shared his love for the city with me and made the experience even more crazy and filled with authentic adventures! I was also lucky to do two great road trips: one from the Oregon coast to San Francisco, and one from Las Vegas to the wonders of the desert (Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches, Zion…). 

The Netherlands

I visited my friend Anaïs who was studying in Amsterdam. What a great time! (…for what I remember!)


I love Marocco! I have been twice there for two road trips with a different group of friends and each time it has been a great and colorful adventure. My best memories? Surfing in Essaouira in the middle of the winter with Hicham, the lifeguard, who took us for a visit of a fishermen village and invited us in his family for a traditional ‘couscous”.


I have always wanted to go to Spain, since I started studying Spanish at school, if I remember well. When I passed the Sciences Po admission exam, I chose to study on the campus specialized on Spain, Portugal and Latin America. I could study in Spanish (and Portuguese) with foreign students and teachers, and get a full cultural immersion. What a great experience, ending on a full year of working in Barcelona. In Barcelona, I lived in a shared apartment with international students. It was messy and animated, but so funny! Barcelona has a crazy creative spirit, and I started creating again during this year. From this time, I haven’t stopped making crafts, even when I was super busy with studies and work. That’s how I am happy.


My first trip in Europe was in Greece! I could pay it with the money I earned working very hard at summer camps with kids. Since early age I am fascined by Greek mythology, the food is healthy and delicious, and after two years in Poitiers, my geek goddess body seriously needed sun. My friend Aliki from Thessaloniki couldn’t make it this time, but we will go again, next time with her!


On the way to Greece, we spent a couple of days in Budapest. A really nice and sunny city. I loved the buldings with a “Art Nouveau” architecture.


After leaving New-Caledonia, my parents lived two years in Guadeloupe, in the French Caribbean. I have visited them a few times, and I really liked it. It was like a coming back to my sources since I was born in French Guiana, and spent my first six years of my life there.


New-Zealand, my beloved island! I went five times in New-Zealand, with my parents for a long road trip, a summer to learn english, and to visit our high school correspondents. Love it love it. My long term wish is to go back there, settle with a farmer and raise sheeps. Some cities smell rotten egg because of the volcanic activity, but who cares? Kiwis are absolutely warm and welcoming, and I love the mixity of the country with the Maori culture.


I lived almost ten years in New-Caledonia, a little Island between Australia and New-Zealand in the Pacific Ocean. I spent all my teenage there, and my best friends now are still the ones I met at this time. It is a really multicultural island, developing quickly in spite of its little size. One of the richest places in the world for natural resources, including minerals like nickel and endemic fauna and flora, with a lagoon protected by UNESCO. Fun fact: some places stayed alike since prehistory. The legend says Jurassic Park teams shot some scenes in New Caledonia. One of the principal stakes now is to develop the country without jeopardizing all these resources.


I lived four years in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. We had to leave it suddenly after the coup d’Etat in 1998, which is a little sad but I keep excellent childhood memories from this time. I remember the atmosphere, the smells, the food, my international school buddies. I remember the huge Russian market where you could find everything, and especially illegal stuff. That is how I got an entire collection of Pirated Disney Movies! I remember rehearsing for the school shows, entire week ends at the big pool, orchids everywhere, heavy rains and multicolor storms. I remember paying a lot of attention to the wildlife: ants in every corner, mice in the balcony squatting the plants, turtles in the garden, frogs in the pool, monkeys stealing food in the kitchen, and little green snakes that can kill you. It is good to keep in touch with friends from this time: most of them kept travelling, did international studies, and even did Sciences Po like me!

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