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Passion Fruit Mousse

Hello Hello !

It would be criminal to stay so long in Guyane and not post a local recipe, right?

Here is a jungle-inspired recipe that will tickle your taste buds: the passion fruit mousse!

Maracuja, or passion fruit, is named after its flower, the passiflore, which looks like Christ’s crown of thorns. This fruit has always been in my gardens since my dad (an illustrious botanist) has the habit of planting them everywhere we move. So let me share with you this dessert recipe that is super popular in the Caribbean and Brasil!

Get ready to treat yourself with this delicious and easy recipe, and I’ll see you next week for one last Guyanese article.

xoxo Clemmo


Ingredients – For 6 people (or 1 particularly thirsty boyfriend)

– 7 large passion fruits. They are ripe when the rind starts to get wrinkled
– 400 g of sweetened condensed milk
– 100 g of whipped cream
+ 1 mixer


Preparation – 30 min

– Pour the passion fruits in a large bowl. Filter the pulp to keep the juice and separate the seeds. Mix the juice to make it smoothe.
– In another bowl, pour the sweetened condensed milk and the whipped cream. Add the filtered passion fruits, and mix it again until it looks like a mousse.
– Keep cool in the fridge for a few hours, and — voilà, presto! — you can serve with any assortment of colorful garnishes!

Clemmo_Mousse_Passion5YSMA-le-CHAT (1)Clemmo_Mousse_Passion

st honoré clemmo

The Saint-Honoré, revisited

saint honoré_enHello, you all!

Last week, I really wanted to try the Saint Honoré recipe. The Saint Honoré is a dessert that was invented during the 19th century by a famous baker on Saint Honoré street in Paris. Funny coincidence: Saint Honoré is the patron saint of…bakers! Originally, this dessert is made of a circular puff pastry base garnished with eight little cream puffs, decorated with whipped cream and caramel.

But this recipe has gone largely unchanged since the 19th century. I wanted to do something original. I tried a remake of this recipe as an entrée/appetizer, filling the cream puffs with a duck mousse and replacing the puff pastry circle by a cheese tile. And it was good! Hell yeah!

st honoré clemmoHere is my recipe:



Chirashis by Clemmo

chirashimoodHello y’all, or should I say “kon’nichiwa”!

If like me you are fond of Japanese cuisine, you will certainly enjoy this chirashi recipe. The chirashi is a dish based on cold sushi rice served with a side of raw fish, shrimps, veggies, omlet, sesame… According to your taste. All the traditional ingredients of sushis, makis and rolls are gathered, but the chirashi is was easier and faster to make. Most of the time, it is served in a bowl of vinegary rice, with the other ingredients on top. But I wanted to serve it on a more creative way, in the shape of a dome. Enjoy! In Japanese: “Itadakimasu”!

Scroll down for the recipe!




Ingredients – For 2 people

– 100 g of sushi salmon (ask for it at the fish shop at the market) or pink shrimps
– 1/2 cucumber
– 1 avocado
– 1 branch of green onion
– Sesame seeds
– 200 g sushi rice
-100 ml rice vinegar
– 2 large spoons of sugar
– 2 hints of salt
– Soja sauce


Preparation – 20 min + 30 min to let the rice cool down

– Thoroughly rince the rice until the water is clear
– In a pot, pour the rice and cover it with 2-3 inches of water. Cover the pot and cook slowly until the water has disappeared
– Spread the rice in a large dish to let it cool down. It should be sticky but firm
– In a pot, heat the rice vinegar and add the sugar and the salt until they are dissolved
– Pour the vinegar on the rice and mix it with a spoon to soak it in
– Cut the other ingredients (salmon, shrimps, cucumber, avocado…) in little cubes
– Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, and compress them with a spoon
– Demold on a plate and decorate with radish, green onion, sesame seeds…
– Add a little bit of soja sauce, and eat fresh!




The coconut and rum pumpkin pie ★ Happy Thanksgiving ★

Pumkin pie clemmo

Hello hello,

Thursday is Thanksgiving, my favorite American day! As you know, I am French, and we French are completely obsessed with food. That’s why I enjoy Thanksgiving more than any other day: it is a great occasion to gather all your friends and family around a huge hobbit-y feast after cooking for at least 24 hours. The aftermath is 24 hours of food-induced coma­—totally worth it! The key recipe of Thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie. Since I come from the Caribbean, I wanted to revisit the recipe with a touch of coconut and dark rum.

The recipe is below the wonderful self-portrait.

Hope to see you soon, when your stomach recovers!

Xoxo Clemmo


The coconut and rum pumpkin pie

My recipe:


Monster Smoothie

The Monster Smoothie!

Monster Smoothie

Ladies and gentlemen, Halloween is coming. And let me introduce to the MONSTER SMOOTHIE. The smoothie is healthy but doesn’t seem to be. The smoothie will make all your guests shiver with its awful protruding eyes that stare at you and freeze your blood. To get rid of them, only one solution: gulp them down! Monster Smoothie

Monster Smoothie

To make this smoothie, and scare your guests, the recipe is simple: blend together one pear, one apple and one kiwi, then add a tiny bit of pear nectar and cinnamon.

The smoothie needs to be thick enough so the sugar eyes don’t sink down. Little tip: if you want to boost the green color, you can add two drops of blue food colorant. Here you are! You just have to decorate it as you wish. I had an extra kiwi and made a skewer out of it, but it is possible to add hair with parsley or mint, or add a slice of orange for the Halloween touch… Let your imagination guide you!

So, is it: horrifying? Disgusting? Repulsing? Chocking? Hilarious? Monster Smoothie3 en


If you are looking for inspiring ideas for Halloween, I invite you to visit my Pinterest. I just created a board with Fall decoratios and recipes. On my to-do list: pumpkin religieuses, apple chips and squash humus!

I’ll see you soon for a new post in which I will reveal my Halloween costume… Will you guess what it will be? Hint: it’s a blonde Disney villain.

xoxo Clemmo


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