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I met a Mermaid!

Hello everyone!

The other day, Val’, my journalist friend, and I were lucky enough to meet Claire, who has an incredible job: she is a professional mermaid. We really enjoyed this interview, in which she revealed her mermaid secrets. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about mermaids!
#1 How does someone become a mermaid?
Claire began her career a model and a dancer. She was searching for new ideas of shows on the internet when she stumbled upon professional mermaids in the U.S. She was already passionate about Greek mythology and loved the idea of becoming a mermaid. More research revealed professional mermaids working around the world — she would be one of France’s first! This is how she started making her very own mermaid tail in her little Paris apartment.Clemmo_mermaid_1
#2 Mermaid beauty is a lot of work
Claire makes all her costumes herself. She has made a total of 4 tails, 2 in silicone (heavy, but realistic looking) and 2 in latex (lighter, but fragile). She needs between 2 – 3 months to build and finalize a tail. She also designs tops, bras, and accessories. 
#2 Being a mermaid is super cool!
When we asked Claire what was her favorite memory as a mermaid, she immediately said: swimming in an aquarium with sharks!
Being a mermaid can be weird.
Once, Claire shot a TV ad in which she had to pose in a fresh fish display. So glamorous!
Never without her loyal assistant!
Claire needs help to slip on her tail and to zip it in the back. She also needs assistance to reach the water, because her tail is so heavy (around 30 pounds!)
A tail — and a brain!
Claire is not really a full time mermaid. She is working on her PHD in mythology in Disney animation movies. Long term, she would love to be a professor.
Being a mermaid is hard work!
Between photo shoots, Claire takes apnea lessons, 3h a week. She also has a professional scuba-diving diploma.
Claire is one of the first French mermaids.
“Mermaiding” is already famous in the US and in Australia. Mermaids there are famous and can live out of their passion. In the States, there are even two shops selling mermaid tails! Clemmo_Sirene#8Mermaid & Artist
Claire is a true artist, and she does exhibitions in aquariums or clubs. Recently, she danced in a giant champagne glass in a famous Paris nightclub!
Being a mermaid can be perilous!
Mermaiding is not only an occupation filled with strass and shells! Underwater, Claire always keeps her eyes open. In a pool, chlorox irritates them. And because of the heavy weight of her tail, she can’t swim more than one hour!
We were super glad to meet with Claire to talk about her mythic occupation. We hope you enjoyed meeting her, too. If you want to know more about her, we encourage you to visit her website and Facebook page!

Clemmo & Val’

I tried for you: The Cat’s Café

CatsCafeGIFA big Parisian Bonjour to everybody!
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So, last Friday, my Friend Val’s (who is a journalist for kids) and I went to an insolite place in Paris: the Cat’s Café. We arrived the day before the Grand Opening, but Margaux, the founder, was super nice and treated us like two Aristocat Duchesses.
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Once arrived in this special café in le Marais, we met the lucky new tenants of the place: Crookshanks, Marguerite, Oreo and 9 of their feline buddies. It has been a few days since these 12 mischevious cats live here, with their owner Margaux Gandelon, who started the project. Inspired by the “Neko bars” in Japan (Neko means cat), she created this café where you can enjoy delicious organic treats while a cat is quietly sleeping on your laps or playing with your feet. True fact: it has been scientifically proved that a purring cat is relaxing. It is called the purring therapy! So, the cat’s café is a kind of spa-relaxing place both for the mouth and spirit. Wonderful isn’t it?
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Though, while hanging out with the cats, it is important to respect some rules. “Clients have to wash their hands before petting the cats, explains Margaux. It is also forbidden to lift them, to wake them up, to feed them or to let them climb on tables”. Easy and obvious rules that won’t prevent you from enjoying a cosy moment with cats. We also noticed that it was easier to bond with the other clients of the café talking about cats and laughing about their capers.
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Cats come from 3 shelters. “We chose them according to their ability to socialize, says Margaux. We needed them to get used to the place and to the clients. In the café, we have a place were they can hide and rest if they want to be quiet. And if we notice one cat has difficulties adapting, or if he becomes aggressive, we will find a host family for him where he will be happy”.
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Anyways, if you are a cat-lover we recommend you to go spend a relaxing moment in this cosy café. Don’t forget to reserve, the place is really attractive!
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xoxo Clemmo
Photos © V. Petit
The Cat’s Café aka “Le Café des Chats”, 16 rue Michel le Comte, 75003, Paris
Phone: 09 73 53 35 81
E-mail: margaux@lecafedeschats.fr
Facebook: LeCafeDesChats
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