Fall Boho-Chic Picks!

Clemmo-fall-layoutHey hey you!

I hope you are doing well and that Fall gives you cocooning ideas! On my side, Fall has always been an inspiring season, and I am preparing some special recipes for the blog, so stay tuned! And if like me you are a Pinterest fanatic, come visit my Fall board! :D

Today I wanted to share with you my fashion selection for Fall. I am taking Photoshop classes with the talented Perrine, and this article is a great occasion to train myself to detouring & layout. Plus, I really enjoy collages: it is like shopping without harming your wallet! I hope you will like my boho-chic picks. The items come from H&M, Zara, Anthropologie, and Kate Spade.

See you soon!

xoxo Clemmo

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DIY – The beaded Sweater

Hero_ENHello, hello!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer, and I share your excitement to be on the starting blocks for an incredible back-to-school/work season. For my part, I have some surprises on my plate — I can’t wait to tell you about it. It’s the kind of opportunity that changes someone’s life. I’ve been waiting for a while, and it finally seems to be happening. You’ll know soon about it — I promise!

But for now, let’s talk about do-it-yourself!

Holy knit! I was looking for a beaded sweater that I can both afford and wear at work. I have seen many in the shops lately, but I finally decided to make it myself. I found diamond beads and sequins in my favorite Parisian bead shop ((Mercerie Orsel, 9 rue d’Orsel) and customized my Zara knit sweater (on sale, a bargain!) with embroidered sparkly flowers. I like the result, but next time I will look for larger sequins for a more lavish effect.

I hope you enjoy the result, too. Leave a comment if you do :)

xoxo Clemmo

Collage Sweaters





And since I definitely love you, here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes video in which I pretend to be Claudia Schiffer in the middle of a luxury ad photo shoot in front of Niagara falls.




DIY : the boho statement necklace


Hello hello !

I’m still at my parents, in French Guiana, and I have crazy ideas involving photo shootings in the middle of coconut trees, Lara Croft ruins, or walks with mud until hips (it’s very good for your skin, you just have to be careful not to awake the anacondas). I’m sweet and I will spare you the critical pictures since the go pro was fogy, really, that’s a shame! I’m only posting dreamy pictures :D

Here is a statement necklace realized with chains, thread and red jade beads, bought at Katie’s, rue du Temple in Paris. It has a little Amerindian look, don’t you think? The tutorial is right below :)

Whether you are at the beach or at the office, I wish you a wonderful day!

xoxo Clemmo

DSC_0474Clemmo_statement_necklaceClemmo_Collier_ChaineClemmo_tuto_Collier_chaine1- Arrange the chains and beads on a flat surface to visualize what the necklace is gonna look like. You need approx. 3 chains 30 cm long.

2- With sewing thread (or cotton thread), tie the two extremities of the chains and tie them going up and down in each link.

3- Attach 12 beads with stems starting in the middle of the necklace and going up on each side.

4- If you want to add a chain with gems like I did, you can fix it on a leather thread crossing two threads between each gem. Then fold and glue the extremities of the leather on a little ring.

5- Attach the leather and gemstones chain on the other chains with a thread and needle.

6- Sew the three chain extremities to a bigger ring. I you wish, you can hide the ring with the thread.

7- Last step : sew two rings, two chains and a clasp, voilà!


Tropical Pin up Bikini : DIY!



I am at my Parents in French Guiana, for a few weeks of holidays. I’m enjoying sea, sun and tropical wildife. I finally have time to show you some of the DIY I had in my mind for a while! Here is a “Tropical Pin Up Bikini”, made of a beautiful local fabric we call “Madras”. I was inspired by a swimsuit from the talented DIY French blogger Makemylemonade, and I slightly adapted the top shape. You can find the tutorial and the pattern below, and print it in A4 letter size.

Download the pattern and the tutorial


Don’t hesitate if you have any question, this is the first time I share a sewing pattern, so please ask if you have any doubt on something. I also recommend to use a dark fabric, to make sure transparency issues won’t ruin your efforts :)

I hope you are enjoying your summer, and if you are not on holidays, I wish this DIY will make you feel as if you were! I’m going back to my hamac & coconut tree, I’ll see you soon for a second tropical DIY ;)

xoxo Clemmo

Clemmo_Bikini_DIY_1 Clemmo_Bikini_DIY_7DIY_BIKINI_COLLAGE_Clemmo


Leather Clutches DIY – No sewing! #2

pochette cuir clemmoHello everyone!

We are in the middle of Paris Fashion Week, and you are amazed by the beautiful creations of Karl, Jean-Paul, Hedi and Sonia. Well, here is a DIY to boost your creativity so one day, you can (maybe?) reach their level!

This is the second article of the series DIY leather clutches, without sewing. Last week I showed you how to craft the scale clutch above (the article is here) and today let’s have a look at this pink and gold wavy clutch. A big thank you to Val’ for the pics and to “Boudin” for the nice Hermes quality leather (note I could have titled this article “DIY Hermes Clutches” but I am too modest for that hehehe).

I wish you an awesome week-end and lots of blond waves!

xoxo Clemmo

pochette cuir clemmopochette cuir clemmopochette cuir clemmopochette cuir clemmo

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