Back to Seattle! (how to get married in a week)

Newly-weds-Clemmo-gif Hey hey!

I told you I would make a big announcement a few weeks ago, and here we are: for those who have been following me for a while, you know I have spent a year living in Seattle after my graduation ; and you know I was dreaming of going back to live there. Today, it is done! I needed two years struggling with the Kafquaesque American immigration laws, two years to learn to be patient, two years to find the appropriate visa (J-1 / H1B / K1?) . Finally, thanks to the support of our friends and families, we made it! After a year of procedure, I took the last turn of the winding road.  Within three weeks, I said goodbye to my friends and colleagues, got to the US embassy with a pretty huge stack of papers, bought flight tickets for my cat and myself, moved from my apartment, and voilà! I found John again, we got married in a little comittee,  and life goes on! The only differences to note: now I can settle down for an illimited amount of time, look for a job I intend to keep for a while, and wake up everyday with my “ricain”! While I am waiting for my Green Card, I will dedicate more time to this blog, so stay tuned :)

And now: let’s start a new life !

xoxo Clemmo

Newly-weds-JulieVossPhotography Photos: Julie Voss, Seattle Headshot Photographer – Check out her blog to see beautiful pictures of Seattle! www.julievoss.netLandscape-KerryPark-Seattle-JulieVossPhotography


I met a Mermaid!

Hello everyone!

The other day, Val’, my journalist friend, and I were lucky enough to meet Claire, who has an incredible job: she is a professional mermaid. We really enjoyed this interview, in which she revealed her mermaid secrets. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about mermaids!
#1 How does someone become a mermaid?
Claire began her career a model and a dancer. She was searching for new ideas of shows on the internet when she stumbled upon professional mermaids in the U.S. She was already passionate about Greek mythology and loved the idea of becoming a mermaid. More research revealed professional mermaids working around the world — she would be one of France’s first! This is how she started making her very own mermaid tail in her little Paris apartment.Clemmo_mermaid_1
#2 Mermaid beauty is a lot of work
Claire makes all her costumes herself. She has made a total of 4 tails, 2 in silicone (heavy, but realistic looking) and 2 in latex (lighter, but fragile). She needs between 2 – 3 months to build and finalize a tail. She also designs tops, bras, and accessories. 
#2 Being a mermaid is super cool!
When we asked Claire what was her favorite memory as a mermaid, she immediately said: swimming in an aquarium with sharks!
Being a mermaid can be weird.
Once, Claire shot a TV ad in which she had to pose in a fresh fish display. So glamorous!
Never without her loyal assistant!
Claire needs help to slip on her tail and to zip it in the back. She also needs assistance to reach the water, because her tail is so heavy (around 30 pounds!)
A tail — and a brain!
Claire is not really a full time mermaid. She is working on her PHD in mythology in Disney animation movies. Long term, she would love to be a professor.
Being a mermaid is hard work!
Between photo shoots, Claire takes apnea lessons, 3h a week. She also has a professional scuba-diving diploma.
Claire is one of the first French mermaids.
“Mermaiding” is already famous in the US and in Australia. Mermaids there are famous and can live out of their passion. In the States, there are even two shops selling mermaid tails! Clemmo_Sirene#8Mermaid & Artist
Claire is a true artist, and she does exhibitions in aquariums or clubs. Recently, she danced in a giant champagne glass in a famous Paris nightclub!
Being a mermaid can be perilous!
Mermaiding is not only an occupation filled with strass and shells! Underwater, Claire always keeps her eyes open. In a pool, chlorox irritates them. And because of the heavy weight of her tail, she can’t swim more than one hour!
We were super glad to meet with Claire to talk about her mythic occupation. We hope you enjoyed meeting her, too. If you want to know more about her, we encourage you to visit her website and Facebook page!

Clemmo & Val’
christmas list

❄ My Christmas Wish List ❄

Wishlistclemmoen2❄ Dessine moi un soulier ❄ Nikon D3200 Camera ❄ Essie Shearling Darling ❄ Essie Luxeffects Vintage Radio ❄ Naked 3 Palette ❄ Kate Spade Bags ❄ Rayman Legends ❄

Oh Come on, Santa baby,                                                                                       I’ve been an awful good girl, so hurry down the chimney tonight!


The coconut and rum pumpkin pie ★ Happy Thanksgiving ★

Pumkin pie clemmo

Hello hello,

Thursday is Thanksgiving, my favorite American day! As you know, I am French, and we French are completely obsessed with food. That’s why I enjoy Thanksgiving more than any other day: it is a great occasion to gather all your friends and family around a huge hobbit-y feast after cooking for at least 24 hours. The aftermath is 24 hours of food-induced coma­—totally worth it! The key recipe of Thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie. Since I come from the Caribbean, I wanted to revisit the recipe with a touch of coconut and dark rum.

The recipe is below the wonderful self-portrait.

Hope to see you soon, when your stomach recovers!

Xoxo Clemmo


The coconut and rum pumpkin pie

My recipe:


Poupées russes Clemmo

My DIY Russian Dolls

poupées russes clemmo

These Russian dolls…

Everything started when I saw a bunch of Russian “Comtesse Sofia” scarves on fashion blogs. Yes, they are beautiful and I am leering at them with envy. But they are quite out of my budget for now, so I designed these little Russian doll pendants to stay in the Russian spirit. This made me go back to my childhood, when I used to make my own paper dolls (Barbies? Don’t give a ****!). Then I would use them so much that I had to make-believe play a surgeon with tape to fix them. If only I had known resin at this time: I could have made super durable dolls, like these pendants. Anyways, it was good to play with dolls again. And guess what? I even gave them names! Which one do you prefer?

Capture d’écran 2013-10-06 à 21.31.06poupées russes clemmo

poupées russes clemmo

poupées russes clemmopoupées russes clemmopoupées russes clemmopoupées russes clemmoMany thanks to Val’ for this colorful photoshoot at rue Crémieux, near Gare de Lyon ! 

poupées russes clemmoI drew and colored the dolls on paper, and then I covered them with resine to make them strong and shiny. Then I stuck them on black foam and assembled them to make a necklace with a colored string. The little leather tassles were found at Loisirs & Création. I found similar ones on A Little Mercerie website.

poupées russes clemmoDownload the templates in color or black & white here. Easy!

Russian Dolls DIY

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