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Leather Clutches DIY – No sewing! #1

Leather clutch DIY

Hello you!

I hope you are enjoying the first days of Spring… or staying at your place making a ton of crafts! I prepared a series of articles to show you how to design original leather clutches — with no sewing! Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter have already seen some examples from when I was still living in Lyon. I bought these leather falls “Chez Boudin,” which literally means “sausage” in French XD

Anyways, though it may not sound like it, Boudin is one of the suppliers for some famous Parisian “Maisons de Haute Couture.” Boudin is a great location to find excellent quality leather for only 10€ per kilo. Inspired by these great materials, I started making clutches without sewing. My tip? Neoprene transparent glue: it stays supple and dries quickly.

The tutorial for this scaly clutch is right below. See you soon for the second episode of this series!

xoxo Clemmo

2013-11-28 17.07.51

2013-11-28 17.09.12IMG_0529

Leather clutch DIY  … In next article, we will see how to make this clutch!

pochette cuir clemmo


Mrs. Butterfly


Hello, y’all!

I hope you enjoyed wonderful holidays, wherever you are in the world. Here, in France, Christmas and New Year’s Eve usher in a lot of family time and (therefore) a lot of cooking! I had way too much foie gras, chocolate and champagne, but it’s the tradition — so, dang! I also experienced a lot of creative new recipes. I am hoping to show you some really soon.

My big 2014 news: I am settling down in Paris for the next six months, maybe more, depending on where the wind blows me after that. I have been stuck with administrative work related to moving for the past two weeks, but now I can finally sit down and think about the best part of moving: decorating my new apartment. Since I am going to live alone for a few months, I wanted to imagine something girly and poetic but likewise simple and cheap. I found butterfly silhouettes to print and cut. Here is a cool idea to fancy up a white wall: a swarm of flying butterflies! I needed one evening to cut them all, with the help of Val’ (my house elf). And then we stuck them on the wall with a sticky putty. (Think “Silly Putty” with a side of Scotch tape.)

A big thank to the awesome blogger from My Everything and Nothing, who created these free printable butterflies.

In my head, I have plenty of crazy ideas for January. I won’t reveal them now, keeping the surprise. But I can definitely tell you: there’s gonna be some serious blondness in 2014!

See you very soon,




Butterfly88You can download and print the butterflies here :vintage-butterflies


10 DIY Christmas Gifts for less than 10 $

10 DIY gift ideasHo ho ho!

Here is a selection of my best DIYs that could fit under your Christmas tree, and impress your guests. All these DIYs are easy and quick to make, and they will cost you less than 10 $. What is more desirable than a home-made unique gift? So screw Santa, and make your own presents!

xoxo Clemmo

PS : clic on the pic to see the DIY ;)

1- laurel2- swarowskiring 3- fur snood4- Make your mug 5- soaps 6-deer 7-gatsby headband en 8-holographic purse 9-A message barrette 10-gemstone necklace



Semi-Precious Gemstones


Today I’d like to tell you about semi-precious gemstones. I have always liked to make things with noble materials : shell, leather, stones… One day I will design rivers of diamonds, I swear! For now, I train myself with semi-precious gemstones : they are way more affordable, and jade, lapis, amethyst and other quartz are reputed to be appeasing. A nice necklace made of stones could be a cool idea for a Christmas present, don’t you think? On rue du Temple, in Paris 3e, 20-25 stone beads will cost you between 3-12 euros. The tutorial is below the images :)

We took the pictures at Galerie du Grand Cerf, near Châtelet. The necklaces are hanging on the cool furnitures from a little antiquities boutiques, where we had a crush for… the really handsome and nice saler who looked like Roch Voisine (but in better). Mister, if you read these lines, you must know that I have a couple of single ladies who would be delighted to have a drink with you some day. Preferably in an authentic Marie-Antoinette tea set.

After this little matchmaking interlude, I would like to thank you for hanging out on this blog, and I hope you will come back soon for my special post “10 DIY Holiday presents ideas for less than 10 euros”.

xoxo Clemmo

pierres semi-précieuses clemmo

pierres semi-précieuses clemmo

pierres semi-précieuses clemmo

StonesclemmoP.S: I’m not a 100% sure about the name of the stones. If a specialist comes by, feel free to light me on this!pierres semi-précieuses clemmopierres semi-précieuses clemmo

pierres semi-précieuses clemmo

pierres semi-précieuses clemmokatie creationsMy address in Paris to find beautiful and affordable stones:                                                   Chez Katie, 66 rue du Temple, à Paris.

portrait clemmoA big thank you to Val’ my photographer and Laureline, my co-model ;)tuto stone necklace


I am an elf!

clemmo3Hello, y’all!

Today I want to show you the beautiful pictures my journalist/photographer friend, Val’, snapped the last time I was in Paris. While we were enjoying a walk in the Buttes Chaumont park, in Paris’ 19th arrondissement, we found a pink tree — we had to stop and take crazy pictures with it. The result is pretty poetic, and I look like a wood elf!

Seriously, in high school, one of my best friends would call me “the elf.” I hope it was a compliment. I earned the nickname because she was secretly in love with Legolas, from the Lord of the Rings, and she would venerate my blondeness. Or maybe it was because I loved fruits and veggies and all green things you are supposed to hate when you are a teenager? (I still prefer smoothies over beer. I know, I know… what a shame!). I recall that this friend told me about a movie in which blond elves lived naked in trees and ate veggies with their feet. If you know the title of this movie, please tell me. I wanna watch it!

My last elfic sin: during my World of Warcraft period, I would always choose the blood-elf. Of course!

je suis une elfe des boisenThere is a ton of tutorials you can find on the web to learn how to make a flower crown. I still want to draw this DIY for you because Christmas is coming, and you can use this crown as a beautiful centerpiece for your table, or hang it on your door as a wreath ;)

Tuto Couronne Fleursen Merci Val !

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