A Scandinavian Christmas

Scandinavian-ChristmasHello there, ye of wintry clime!

I am not writing from a Nordic country, but, well, almost! Seattle has a very large Scandinavian community, which is portrayed in many architectural designs here. I am thinking of these wooden houses and condos, very colorful and cubic, with large windows that invite the exterior vegetation inside. I am suuuuuper inspired by this style (check out my Pinterest board!) and I decided to experiment with Scandinavian DIY ideas for Christmas.

To recreate these decors, you will need to pick up pine branches in the woods. Choose the bushy and perfumed ones; ideally, grand fir boughs! You can use these little twigs to adorn your table, make a wreath, wrap gifts…

I prefer neutral colors (white, grey, brown) to keep the atmosphere minimally woodsy — it is a simple and pure effect. I love this DIY wood table center with candles. To warm up, you can swaddle yourself in this thick knit blanket from IKEA.

If you are inspired by the Scandinavian theme, I encourage you to have a look at the E-Book “A Scandinavian Christmas” from Vincent Layerle. You can download it on for only 1,49€! Noel-Scandinave-Clemmo26453Let me introduce you to the rest of my crew: Burt Reynolds the feline alien; a fat Squirrel; and Ysma, the snobby Parisian cat!animal kingdom clemmo
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Thanksgiving table decoration ideas


Hello hello, it’s me again!

I hope you are as happy as I am about Thanksgiving approaching! I’ve already told you so many times how much I love autumn, and how much its colors inspire me to create food and decoration. I especially enjoy designing tables for special occasions, and this is the very first time I’ve posted about it!

Let me show you a bohemian table my mother-in-law and I designed for the feast! (For more bohemian decoration, visit my aunt’s refurbished farm!)

For Thanksgiving, we both wanted to stay in the bohemian theme because it allows you to use natural products such as wood, branches, feathers and flowers from your garden. Most of all, it is the perfect theme to recycle and convert objects you already have.


For instance, I noticed many beer and cider bottles are decorated with amazing labels. I especially like the creative and vintage ones. Check them out next time you shop for beers! The idea is to recycle these bottles into beautiful vases, then spread them around the table and add one or two flowers in each. Feathers are welcome, too! The great news with the bohemian style is that you want to avoid uniformity — so go on and try different beverages. Beer and cider lovers will be pleased!

beerbannerThanksgiving-table-clemmoYou also want to avoid uniformity for the rest of the accessories: use diverse napkins, plates, and glasses. Display varied and colorful flowers, ferns and candles. Any items that inspire you are welcome! I enjoyed the wild animal figurines and the wooden birdhouse. I also love the mini pumpkins — they are so cheap and so decorative! The table turns out to be a bit overloaded, but I like it like this. It reminds me of a curiosity cabinet.

Show me your Thanksgiving tables!

xoxo ClemmoThanksgiving-table-clemmo




3 decoration DIY ideas with wood

Triptique-ClemmoHi hi!

Here is a great article for you if you are a lover of walking in the woods, an interior design guru, or simply if you enjoy arts and crafts.  Here a three decorations idea, easy to realize with branches and twigs you picked up in the woods. Perfect to add some nice rustic and cosy touch to your home! Everything you will need is listed below, along with the animated pictures to illustrate the DIYs. Thanks to my friend Perrine who gave me Photoshop classes, I am looking for innovating ways to present tutorials. Do you like it? Please leave me your impressions in a comment!

Peace, love & coziness,

xoxo Clemmo

photophore_ClemmoYou wil need:
– Branches and twigs you picked up in the woods–on the ground, not directly on the trees, we love trees <3 ;) (if the wood is damp, I advise you to let it dry inside for a few days)
– Pine cones
– Pliers or strong cisors to cut the wood
– Glue gun
– Candles & mini candle holders (99 cents at Goodwill & Best Value)
– Raphia
– Paint pens to draw on wood
– Newspaper to protect your table
– Et voilà!

clemmo_wood_deco_materialDIY #1clemmo-gif-wood-candle-diy IMG_2191DIY #2clemmo-gif-stars-garland-diyclemmo_wood_decoDIY #3

GIF-Pine-Cone-Mobileclemmo_paintingIMG_2247A big thank you to Burt Reynolds, who inspired me all along these DIY, with his purrs, his balls of fur and his creepy, unblinking stare. Burt_reynolds


DIY – The beaded Sweater

Hero_ENHello, hello!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer, and I share your excitement to be on the starting blocks for an incredible back-to-school/work season. For my part, I have some surprises on my plate — I can’t wait to tell you about it. It’s the kind of opportunity that changes someone’s life. I’ve been waiting for a while, and it finally seems to be happening. You’ll know soon about it — I promise!

But for now, let’s talk about do-it-yourself!

Holy knit! I was looking for a beaded sweater that I can both afford and wear at work. I have seen many in the shops lately, but I finally decided to make it myself. I found diamond beads and sequins in my favorite Parisian bead shop ((Mercerie Orsel, 9 rue d’Orsel) and customized my Zara knit sweater (on sale, a bargain!) with embroidered sparkly flowers. I like the result, but next time I will look for larger sequins for a more lavish effect.

I hope you enjoy the result, too. Leave a comment if you do :)

xoxo Clemmo

Collage Sweaters





And since I definitely love you, here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes video in which I pretend to be Claudia Schiffer in the middle of a luxury ad photo shoot in front of Niagara falls.




Hipanema Bracelets – DIY



You’ll find here my last article from French Guiana. Soon, I’ll be back to Paris! I will remember amazing experiences involving wild nature, weird bugs, sleeping in hammocks, waking up to screaming animals at night in the forest, tropical fruits… Coming back to the Parisian crowds is somewhat — different.

Today, I’d like to show you bracelets inspired by the trendy “Hipanema” bracelets everybody wears this summer. After all, Guiana is at the border of Brazil!

This DIY is pretty long to finish, but it kept my younger cousin, my friend Val and me busy during the afternoon heat. And, cherry on the cake, during the shooting, we had a surprise encounter with a baby sea turtle reaching the surf for the first time! Montabo Beach, close to where my family lives, is one of the few on the planet where leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs, and we were lucky to be there at the right season for observation. If you want to see the cutest baby turtle in the world, watch the video ;)

The tutorial for the bracelets is below, click to enlarge.

I’ll see you next week in Paris, but if you want to enjoy more Guiana pictures, come on Instagram :D 

See you very soon,

xoxo Clemmo

Clemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaMontabo_Plage_clemmoClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_tortue_luth (Music: In the Water, by Beat Connection)tuto_bracelet_Hipanema_DIY_EN

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