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La maison bohemeHello everyone!

Today I want to share with you the house of my dear aunt, Nanou — artist, interior designer, gardener and cook. She is a creative sensei for my little blonde bulb. Immersed in a bohemian spirit (somewhat kitschy but tastefully so), her interior spaces are a real cabinet of curiosities. Nanou has the particularity of being crazy about dogs: I invite you to pay a visit to her Pinterest board about dogs here. She has more than 761 pictures of eccentric dogs. A former painter, she creates oil-paint tableaus according to her obsessions. For instance, you can see her collection of cows on one of her walls. She painted them all at once, when she unexpectedly caught an inspiring (mad) cow fever!

I invite you to admire all the pictures of her house and garden below. Nice, isn’t it?

I’ll come back in a few days for a special DIY: we will learn how to make a decorative ornament found in one of the pictures below… Can you guess which one ?

* The Bohemian House *Inspiration maison boheme* The Bohemian Garden *Inspiration jardin boheme2

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Pink Flamingo toppers – Free Printable

Welcome to las vegas Hello hello, welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

As you can guess: I just came back from Las Vegas, and it was sparkly and excessive, in other words: totally awesome. To honor the famous “Flamingo hotel”, one of the first to settle on the Las Vegas “Strip”, I want to offer you these flamingo toppers to print. You just need to print them on sticker paper, cut them carefully and put them on a stick.

I added a few pictures of the trip. I did an international star caprice to adopt a pink flamingo from the tropical garden but the hotel staff called security.

If you want to adopt a flamingo and be a rebel, share, like, tweet and comment this article!

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xoxo Clemmo

Pink Flamingo Banner_Clemmo pink flamingo clemmo Flamingo clemmo flamingo clemmo Flamingo clemmoGIF-pink-flamingo-clemmo flamingo-hotel-casino-las-vegas Clemmo_Flamingo And the free printable is heeeeere: Pink Flamingo Clemmo

soaps clemmo

Home-made soaps


savons fleurs

Savon grenouille

Let me show you these home-made soaps! The best option to start with soap making is probably to buy a kit, to get the 4 main ingredients: glycerine soap, molds, fragrance (I have the waterlily and papyrus ones) and cosmetic colorants. If you wish to do some more, you will just have to buy a new block of glycerine! The technique is really simple: you cut little cubes of glycerine (2″ by 2″). Your kit booklet should tell you how many cubes you need to fill the molds. Then you put them in a bowl and heat them in the micro-waves until it’s melted. You should keep the temperature really low, and remember that 10 seconds are enough to melt one cube. When the glycerine is liquid (but not boiling), you can add a few drops of fragrance and colorant, and pour the liquid in your mold. In about 10 minutes, your soap should be solidified and ready to get out of the mold, voilà!

If you wish to start making soaps, I recommend these two 30$ kits:

– For kids: “Savons d’artistes”

– For adults: “savons naturels” at Aroma Zone

Each kit should produce about 15-20 soaps :)

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