3 decoration DIY ideas with wood

Triptique-ClemmoHi hi!

Here is a great article for you if you are a lover of walking in the woods, an interior design guru, or simply if you enjoy arts and crafts.  Here a three decorations idea, easy to realize with branches and twigs you picked up in the woods. Perfect to add some nice rustic and cosy touch to your home! Everything you will need is listed below, along with the animated pictures to illustrate the DIYs. Thanks to my friend Perrine who gave me Photoshop classes, I am looking for innovating ways to present tutorials. Do you like it? Please leave me your impressions in a comment!

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photophore_ClemmoYou wil need:
– Branches and twigs you picked up in the woods–on the ground, not directly on the trees, we love trees <3 ;) (if the wood is damp, I advise you to let it dry inside for a few days)
– Pine cones
– Pliers or strong cisors to cut the wood
– Glue gun
– Candles & mini candle holders (99 cents at Goodwill & Best Value)
– Raphia
– Paint pens to draw on wood
– Newspaper to protect your table
– Et voilà!

clemmo_wood_deco_materialDIY #1clemmo-gif-wood-candle-diy IMG_2191DIY #2clemmo-gif-stars-garland-diyclemmo_wood_decoDIY #3

GIF-Pine-Cone-Mobileclemmo_paintingIMG_2247A big thank you to Burt Reynolds, who inspired me all along these DIY, with his purrs, his balls of fur and his creepy, unblinking stare. Burt_reynolds


A New-York Themed Kitchen


Bonjour everyone!

If some of you are dreaming of refreshing the decoration of their kitchen with more style, you might like this post! My Parisian kitchen is extremely narrow — not a paradise for a food blogger! When I was proposed to give “Smart Tiles” a try, I though it could be a great opportunity to get some fun and put some color in this kitchen that used to look like a chemistry lab more than a convivial cooking place. The Smart Tiles are decorative adhesive tiles that are easy to install above existing tiles and simple to remove. Since I’m missing the US, I jumped in and had fun revamping this kitchen with a “New-York” theme, and here’s the result !


NYKitchen_Clemmo1 NYKitchenx3IMG_20140531_182847 NYKitchenx4There are 4 steps to install the adhesive tiles:Clemmo_Tiles_Steps

The tiles are rather easy to install, provided you are patient and meticulous.

1- First, you’ll need to clean and dry cautiously the surface you want to apply the tiles on. These tiles are not made to resist heat and water, so you can’t use them as a tablemat or in a shower. Though, you can totally stick them on a tiled wall or any other decoration item.

2 – Then, it is better to mesure the quantity of tiles you will need to cover the surface, without forgeting corners, or irregularities on the original tiles wall, that is not always perfectly straight.

3- Next step is: cutting the tiles according to your mesures, preferably with a cutter and a steel ruler.

4- Last step is probably the trickiest because you’ll have to stick the tiles very precisely, respecting all the lines, and avoiding air bubbles. My advice is to start with a corner, and progressively stick the rest of the tiles while chasing the air bubbles with the hand.

And here is the result! I must confess I moaned a little during the sticking part, but  I’m rather happy about the result, because after all, I don’t have any special skill at this kind of manual work. And speaking overall, it was pretty easy to install. The red tiles were shinier than I expected, but at least the color splash is there, and this kitchen looks totally New-York!

IMG_20140531_182048If you wish to have a look at the different styles of smart tiles, you can visit their website or click on the image below :)

Smart_Tiles_ClemmoXoxo Clemmo’

SoBadass copie



Mrs. Butterfly


Hello, y’all!

I hope you enjoyed wonderful holidays, wherever you are in the world. Here, in France, Christmas and New Year’s Eve usher in a lot of family time and (therefore) a lot of cooking! I had way too much foie gras, chocolate and champagne, but it’s the tradition — so, dang! I also experienced a lot of creative new recipes. I am hoping to show you some really soon.

My big 2014 news: I am settling down in Paris for the next six months, maybe more, depending on where the wind blows me after that. I have been stuck with administrative work related to moving for the past two weeks, but now I can finally sit down and think about the best part of moving: decorating my new apartment. Since I am going to live alone for a few months, I wanted to imagine something girly and poetic but likewise simple and cheap. I found butterfly silhouettes to print and cut. Here is a cool idea to fancy up a white wall: a swarm of flying butterflies! I needed one evening to cut them all, with the help of Val’ (my house elf). And then we stuck them on the wall with a sticky putty. (Think “Silly Putty” with a side of Scotch tape.)

A big thank to the awesome blogger from My Everything and Nothing, who created these free printable butterflies.

In my head, I have plenty of crazy ideas for January. I won’t reveal them now, keeping the surprise. But I can definitely tell you: there’s gonna be some serious blondness in 2014!

See you very soon,




Butterfly88You can download and print the butterflies here :vintage-butterflies

cadre fleurs clemmo bannière

Flower Power! #1

Flower Power hero

My aunt, Nanou (did I ever told you about her? She’s the only star in my night sky), is a great interior designer. She let me dig into her attic—the equivalent of Aladdin wandering into the Cave of Wonders. As a result, I returned with my hands full, including this beautiful frame, some chicken wire and a box full of plastic flowers. I didn’t even have to dodge waves of lava!

Here is what I did with all these: a nice flowery frame to hang jewlery that will brighten your interior with blooms in any season! My awesome followers on facebook and twitter already know it: I love flowers! You can see me below, looking like an elf with my flower crown. I could have posed like a nymph in my bath with my plastic waterlilies, but perhaps the internet isn’t ready. (Don’t hide your beautiful bodies, ladies!)

Have a wonderful day, I will see you soon for a second article with flowers!

xoxo ClemmoFlowery Frame

Kokedama clemmo

The hanging kokedamas moss balls


Today, I would like to tell you about kokedamas. “Whaaat the eff are those?,” you might ask. Kokedamas: little earthen balls covered with moss in which you can grow plants. Kokedamas come from Japan, where you can even find them in specialized shops. Kokedamas are easier to cultivate than bonsais, and they are adored by the Japanese.

Japanese DIYers make their own kokedamas with plants collected from forests. What about the watering? It’s so easy!  Step 1) Spray water to keep the moss moist. Step 2) send your favorite blogger or bloggeuse a lovely note saying hello.

Nanou told me about this technique after she discovered it herself on Pinterest. Here is a selection of my favorite kokedamas, found by perusing Pinterest (for, admittedly, a couple too many hours). Delicately beautiful, aren’t they?

Kokedama clemmo

Here are the kokedamas we made for Nanou’s kitchen with ivy. Soon it will grow up and fall on the counter. Beautiful!Kokedamaclemmo1kokedamaDIYen

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