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This is the prime season for beach hair! I know many of you enjoy summer by hanging out at the beach — lucky you! I am still stuck in a concrete building in boiling Manhattan! If you’re a water girl, then you know the feeling of having your hair naturally dried and styled by the breeze. If you’re just aiming for the relaxed, natural surfer girl look, or if you want to prolong your vacation style, then you’ll love this recipe!

Beach hair spray for a negligé/wild look in your hair is something you can buy at the store, or do-it-yourself. It’s an easy DIY that won’t cost you much — no need to sell seashells by the sea shore. Here’s the recipe that will reveal the mermaid in you!

– A plastic spray bottle
– 1 cup of warm water
– 1 Tbsp of sea salt or Epsom salt
– 1 Tbsp of almond, argan, or apricot oil. Or, easier: melted unrefined/organic coconut oil
– 1 Tbsp of hair gel or leave-in hair conditioner
– Facultative: 5 drops of essential oil (I used Plumeria, because it smells like Hawai’i!)

– Pour the warm water into the spray bottle.
– Add the sea salt, and shake well until the salts are totally dissolved.
– In a separate bowl, mix the oils with the leave-in-conditioner
– Add mix to the plastic bottle, and shake well until dissolved. Shake before using, as well.
– You can keep this hairspray 3-4 months if you store it away from the heat and the sunlight.


How to use it?
If you have thick, wavy hair, spray on damp hair and scrunch with a towel to dry for loose beach waves. If you don’t have time to shampoo, or if you have fine hair, spray on dry hair and loosely twirl your hair into a bun. After 10-15 minutes, let your hair uncurl, and voilà!

Photos: Julie Voss Photography


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