Our Bohemian Beach Re-Wedding

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I’m back on the blog after a few weeks of absence. It is really pleasing to see you are still coming here everyday, and I want to thank you for this! The reason for my absence is that my summer has been a bit hectic — we’ve had some busy times at work, John was accepted at Columbia Law School, and we had to plan a move to New York City.

Before moving, we got re-married and organized a re-wedding celebration with 100 guests. The re-wedding story is that we got married a year ago, but since I got my fiancée visa at a date neither of us could plan, we didn’t have a fix date for the ceremony until a week beforehand! It was too complicated to invite all the people we love, so we postponed the big party until the following summer to have more time for organization. Now that we are settled in Manhattan, and the summer is slowly fading, I want to share with you some sunny pictures of our wedding. I hope they’ll brighten up your day!

Clemmo-Bohemian-Beach-Wedding-1As you know, I’m a big fan of home-made crafts, so we ended up with a one-of-a-kind DIY wedding! We chose to host the party at John’s parents’ old family house on Vashon Island, a wild island near Seattle. (So wild, in fact, that you can only access it by ferry.) The beach house has a lovely view of Pudget Sound and a yard that could easily host 100 hippie guests. Plus, the beach is close, and we wanted to do the ceremony near the water.

We started organizing the wedding four months in advance. John rented tables, chairs and sound systems. We found a caterer and a photographer via Thumbtack. We were also welcoming out-of-town guests, so we organized a few activities to make sure they enjoy the best of Seattle’s summer! I started accumulating decoration items every time I would find a good deal. Michaels, Party City, Luna’s Bazaar, Oriental Trading and Pinterest became my best friends. We got fresh flowers from a farmer we met at Pike Place Market. They delivered the flowers the morning before the re-ceremony, and an angel-in-disguise (our next door neighbor) did our arrangements — she was a professional florist before moving to Vashon. On the D-Day, the bridesmaid squad and both our families helped set up the decors and the tables, which was a huge help!



After a few weeks of dress-hunting, I found my dress at a designer outlet store in Seattle called I Do Bridal. I looked for a bohemian and fluid dress that would be comfortable to wear. My friends, Julie and Aline, were very supportive, even when I tried a dress that shaped my booty like a Kardashian! We had a lot of fun at this store, and I finally found a dress that was perfect, with just enough lace and sparkle and a deep decolleté in the back.

I discovered Shoes of Prey, a website where you can design your own shoes. I crafted some bridal mermaid flats, with the back covered with golden scales — a must-have for a beach wedding! On the wedding day, Julie did a perfect job curling my hair, and I knew I could count on my gorgeous Greek friend, Alice, for the make up. I was so lucky to be surrounded by helpful and benevolent friends! John doesn’t like to think too much about how to dress; I ordered a couple bowties and suspenders on Etsy, and half an hour before the ceremony, he grabbed a clean shirt and pants, and he was ready to party!


Our ceremony was outrageously hippie-tastic. We gathered our guests on the beach, near a drift wood monument my brother had built in lieu of a stage. We served fresh drinks from a “Here Comes the Booze” cart, and our comedian friend, Swann, married us with a superbly funny speech that we hope will stay in memories for years!


After the ceremony, everyone walked back to the beach house where champagne and appetizers were served. I had prepared small favor bags for each guest. In addition to the traditional sweets and mints, we personalized them with rocks from the beach, funny trivia questions about John and me, and a too-difficult crossword crafted by John that no one could finish!


As a Franco-American couple, we had to honor our guests’ cheese and wine expectations. A big thank you goes to Swann, who ran heroically around the tables yelling “Vive la France” with the French flag to announce cheese was served! For the dessert, I had my eyes on the “Naked” cakes you can find on Pinterest. My parents mounted and decorated the cake before it was served, but the activity turned out to be a bit technical, and they needed to be rescued by my brother and a team of bridesmaids. It eventually turned into a giant whipped cream battle, and the monster cake was half-presentable as a result. Hopefully it was still delicious!


It was so exciting to prepare this wedding with John as a teammate. We had a very low budget and worked hard for months with the support of our family and friends. It wasn’t easy all the time (it was only our second wedding, after all!) but it was really fulfilling to work for so long for a single day we will remember as a milestone for the rest of our lives! It felt weird not to have any wedding crafts to do in front of the TV for a while, but now that our life is back to a normal routine, I’ll switch back to blogging crafts and recipes, I promiss!

xoxo Clemmo



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