Super Energizing Pineapple Smoothie




Hello dear foodie!

It is already Friday, which means you should be thinking obsessively about your weekend plans. My weekend routine is to take some time to enjoy a good and healthy breakfast, something I rarely do during working days. My dream breakfast always includes a giant, freshly pressed SMOOTHIE!
This time, I was in a tropical mood and I mixed ingredients from my childhood hometown, Cayenne, French Guiana. In the menu: Cayenne pepper delicious pineapple, banana, oranges, coconut water, ginger, lime juice and cinnamon! And since pineapple is known for its energizing properties (it is full of manganese and vitamin C), this explosive cocktail will reinvigorate you from your hard working week!  xoxo Clemmo

IMG_0916Recipe, for 4 tall glasses:

 In a blender, mix together:

– 3 slices of chopped pineapple
– 1 banana
– 1 orange
– 1/2 cup water or coconut water
– 1/2 lime juice
– 1 tea spoon of grated ginger
– 1 tea spoon of cinnamon




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