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Hello y’all!

I hope you survived April Fools Day and its tricks!

And speaking of tricks… Here is a cool idea for Easter. I know the tradition is to paint egg shells — but what happens with the inside of the egg? I am a glutton, and I’d rather eat the egg, so why shouldn’t I paint the inside instead? These cooked eggs were infused in beet juice seasoned with vinegar and garlic. After one night, you get this psychedelicious pink result.

This easy recipe comes from the very cool Town and Cooking blog, thank you for the devilish idea!

xoxo Clemmo



– Eggs
– Canned beets (I used 3 cans for 8 eggs)
– 1 clove of garlic or shallot
– 1 tablespoon of vinegar
– Mayonnaise or wasabi, or both mixed
– Caribbean salt and spices mix
– Baking soda (optional)

– Cook the eggs for ten minutes in boiling water with a pinch of baking soda (it will make the shells soft and easier to peel)
– Open beet cans, then strain and preserve the juice. Fill a jar (or a tall recipient) with the juice, but leave enough space in the jar to submerge eggs. Keep the solid beet bits to the side. Beware of the stain risk!
– Chop the garlic or shallots and add to the beet juice, then add the vinegar.
– Peel the eggs, and plunge them carefully into the beet juice mix. To make sure the eggs don’t float, cap the jar or place something on top to keep the eggs immersed. Keep the egg jar in the fridge overnight.
– In the morning, slowly remove the eggs from the liquid: you will find they are all pink! (and infused with beet, garlic and vinegar flavors)
– Cut the eggs in half and top with Caribbean spices, mayonnaise and wasabi
– Nibble on these eggy gems with a side salad featuring the beet bits :)

Happy Easter!



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