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Bonjour, everyone!

What a great year! 2014 was punctuated by many changes and moves (Seattle-Lyon-Paris-Seattle). I hope you will keep following my new adventures wherever I settle down!

Change brings new challenges and exciting developments. The fresh air boosts my creativity. Sharing my projects with you through this blog is my biggest motivation. In 2015, I want to improve my technical knowledge to provide you with a better website and find ways to realize bigger, crazier ideas.

I particularly want to review these 10 most popular DIY from 2014 — each with little anecdotes!

See you soon,
xoxo Clemmo

Kokedama-DIY-Clemmo  leather-clutch-DIY-Clemmo
1. The Japanese Kokedamas: decorative hanging moss balls.
—> A star article, thanks to Pinterest! Pin it here!
2. The no-sewing leather clutch
—> I found the leather near Lyon, at “Boudin’s”, which is French for “sausage”! This word-of-mouth gem provides the best fashion designers in Paris with exceptional quality leather. And if you buy past-season, it is really affordable!

pumpkin-cookies-clemmo  bikini-diy-clemmo
3. The American recipe for delicious chewy pumpkin cookies!
—> My mother-in-law was told French people don’t value pumpkin much because it is used to feed the pigs… I have never heard this, anyone to confirm it?! From my French point of view, I agree we don’t cook pumpkin enough — it is truly tasty!
4. The tropical pin-up bikini
—> We shot at Îles du Salut, French Guiana, in the middle of the tourism season. Visitors were staring at us while my family was openly mocking us. Thankfully, this devoted blogger doesn’t know shame!

howl-hibou-clemmo  NY-kitchen-clemmo
5. The owl leather necklace (article in French)
—> After the photoshoot, we discovered a hidden box under the tree. It was filled with someone’s childhood souvenirs and drawings!
6. A kitchenette in “New York style”, with adhesive tiles.
—> Letters on the wall are covered with ELLE magazine pages and humorous drawings about modern women!

statement-necklace-clemmo  bracelet-friendship-clemmo
7. The statement necklace
–> This necklace article was also shot in Guiana. I was so devoted to the quality of the picture, I wore this knit sweater in a 90° jungle haze and kept sweating in it.
8. Friendship Bracelet Cuffs
—> This morning, at Montabo beach, Guiana, we witnessed baby turtles rushing to the sea for the first time! It was magical and I filmed it for you!

9. Semi-precious gemstone necklaces
—> The young owner of this antiquities shop near Châtelet was a look-alike of Roch Voisine, a Canadian pre-teen idol from the ’90s. (I am old enough to know him, yet young enough to never closely listen to his music! Me, I loved Backstreet Boys and Linkin Park, duh!).
10. Relaxing bath salts
—> Big-ups to my friend, Val, who dangerously climbed on my washing machine to take this picture in my tiny bathroom. (What, you wanted me to tell you if I were really naked? ;)

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