A Christmas terrarium

1Christmas-terrarium-enHello, dear readers!
I hope you are doing well — wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and basking in the holiday joy! On my side, I am still stuck at home, waiting for my work permit to arrive… I wouldn’t be surprised if it came with a lump of coal in Santa’s sack. I have plenty of time to blog, bake, and do crafts. I even wrapped all my gifts already. That’s a holiday miracle!

Today, I am glad to present you this funny and educative DIY. It’s perfect activity for the family! Little guys will have to sacrifice a few of their favorite mini-dinosaurs; you’re going to douse them in glittering gold. Little girls will be amazed learning how to grow sparkly salt crystals.

Let’s do it!

xoxo Clemmo

2Christmas-terrarium-en – Tiny plastic dinosaurs (or any sort of miniature beast!)
– Gold acrylic paint
– A paint brush
– Paper (to protect your table)
– An old shirt (to protect your clothes)
– A big glass transparent jar, like an aquarium
– Nice rope or ribbon to adorn the jar
– Vegetation from the woods (pine branches, mini pine cones, licens etc…)
– Silver glitter
– 4 mason jars
– 1 liters of tap water
– 1 kg of Epsom salts (you can find it at the grocery store)3Christmas-terrarium-enStep 1: paint the dinosaurs in gold!
– I advise you to apply paint repeatedly in thin layers all over the dinosaurs. The paint will dry quickly and you won’t have to wait too long in between layers. This way, the render will be more uniform.4Christmas-terrarium-enStep 2: Epsom salts cristals!

– Pour 1 cup of epsom salts in each mason jar.
– Heat water until it is almost boiling, and pour 1 cup in each jarjar.
– Mix until the salts are totally dissolved into the water. It must be clear and transparent.
– Add some glitter, then mix again.
– Place the jars in the refrigerator to cool down for a few hours — up to one day, if possible. The longer you wait, the more the crystals will grow!
– When you’re ready, carefully strain the water from the jars by pouring slowly.
– With a fork, softly remove the salt crystals from the jars (they are super fragile!), and let them dry on paper.
– What happened? You created a solution saturated by salt. Once dissolved and cooled down, salt particles agglomerated to each other to form crystals!

Step 3: the terrarium
– Dispose various layers of crystals in your big jar. Keep the best looking ones on top!
– Add the golden dinosaurs & the items from the woods.
– Voilà, you just made a christmas terrarium!


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