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Hello hello, it’s me again!

I hope you are as happy as I am about Thanksgiving approaching! I’ve already told you so many times how much I love autumn, and how much its colors inspire me to create food and decoration. I especially enjoy designing tables for special occasions, and this is the very first time I’ve posted about it!

Let me show you a bohemian table my mother-in-law and I designed for the feast! (For more bohemian decoration, visit my aunt’s refurbished farm!)

For Thanksgiving, we both wanted to stay in the bohemian theme because it allows you to use natural products such as wood, branches, feathers and flowers from your garden. Most of all, it is the perfect theme to recycle and convert objects you already have.


For instance, I noticed many beer and cider bottles are decorated with amazing labels. I especially like the creative and vintage ones. Check them out next time you shop for beers! The idea is to recycle these bottles into beautiful vases, then spread them around the table and add one or two flowers in each. Feathers are welcome, too! The great news with the bohemian style is that you want to avoid uniformity — so go on and try different beverages. Beer and cider lovers will be pleased!

beerbannerThanksgiving-table-clemmoYou also want to avoid uniformity for the rest of the accessories: use diverse napkins, plates, and glasses. Display varied and colorful flowers, ferns and candles. Any items that inspire you are welcome! I enjoyed the wild animal figurines and the wooden birdhouse. I also love the mini pumpkins — they are so cheap and so decorative! The table turns out to be a bit overloaded, but I like it like this. It reminds me of a curiosity cabinet.

Show me your Thanksgiving tables!

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