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Hero_ENHello, hello!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer, and I share your excitement to be on the starting blocks for an incredible back-to-school/work season. For my part, I have some surprises on my plate — I can’t wait to tell you about it. It’s the kind of opportunity that changes someone’s life. I’ve been waiting for a while, and it finally seems to be happening. You’ll know soon about it — I promise!

But for now, let’s talk about do-it-yourself!

Holy knit! I was looking for a beaded sweater that I can both afford and wear at work. I have seen many in the shops lately, but I finally decided to make it myself. I found diamond beads and sequins in my favorite Parisian bead shop ((Mercerie Orsel, 9 rue d’Orsel) and customized my Zara knit sweater (on sale, a bargain!) with embroidered sparkly flowers. I like the result, but next time I will look for larger sequins for a more lavish effect.

I hope you enjoy the result, too. Leave a comment if you do :)

xoxo Clemmo

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And since I definitely love you, here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes video in which I pretend to be Claudia Schiffer in the middle of a luxury ad photo shoot in front of Niagara falls.



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