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You’ll find here my last article from French Guiana. Soon, I’ll be back to Paris! I will remember amazing experiences involving wild nature, weird bugs, sleeping in hammocks, waking up to screaming animals at night in the forest, tropical fruits… Coming back to the Parisian crowds is somewhat — different.

Today, I’d like to show you bracelets inspired by the trendy “Hipanema” bracelets everybody wears this summer. After all, Guiana is at the border of Brazil!

This DIY is pretty long to finish, but it kept my younger cousin, my friend Val and me busy during the afternoon heat. And, cherry on the cake, during the shooting, we had a surprise encounter with a baby sea turtle reaching the surf for the first time! Montabo Beach, close to where my family lives, is one of the few on the planet where leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs, and we were lucky to be there at the right season for observation. If you want to see the cutest baby turtle in the world, watch the video ;)

The tutorial for the bracelets is below, click to enlarge.

I’ll see you next week in Paris, but if you want to enjoy more Guiana pictures, come on Instagram :D 

See you very soon,

xoxo Clemmo

Clemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_HipanemaMontabo_Plage_clemmoClemmo_HipanemaClemmo_tortue_luth (Music: In the Water, by Beat Connection)tuto_bracelet_Hipanema_DIY_EN

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