Passion Fruit Mousse

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It would be criminal to stay so long in Guyane and not post a local recipe, right?

Here is a jungle-inspired recipe that will tickle your taste buds: the passion fruit mousse!

Maracuja, or passion fruit, is named after its flower, the passiflore, which looks like Christ’s crown of thorns. This fruit has always been in my gardens since my dad (an illustrious botanist) has the habit of planting them everywhere we move. So let me share with you this dessert recipe that is super popular in the Caribbean and Brasil!

Get ready to treat yourself with this delicious and easy recipe, and I’ll see you next week for one last Guyanese article.

xoxo Clemmo


Ingredients – For 6 people (or 1 particularly thirsty boyfriend)

– 7 large passion fruits. They are ripe when the rind starts to get wrinkled
– 400 g of sweetened condensed milk
– 100 g of whipped cream
+ 1 mixer


Preparation – 30 min

– Pour the passion fruits in a large bowl. Filter the pulp to keep the juice and separate the seeds. Mix the juice to make it smoothe.
– In another bowl, pour the sweetened condensed milk and the whipped cream. Add the filtered passion fruits, and mix it again until it looks like a mousse.
– Keep cool in the fridge for a few hours, and — voilà, presto! — you can serve with any assortment of colorful garnishes!

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