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Hello my dearest,

Here is a little article to tell you my first impressions about London, where I could spend a few days with my two blond favs, Val & Gaëlle. It’s been some years since I wanted to visit London for a girls trip, and one beautiful evening, we jumped on the opportunity when we found 45€ round trip tickets to London by bus. Let’s go on the adventure! I made you a recap in images :)


The Thames banks are perfect for walks, and the location is ideal to see most of the top famous buildings: the Tower Bridge, the wheel (the “London Eye”), Saint-Paul Cathedral, the Parliament, Big Ben, the Tate Gallery… A nice plan if you whish to spend an afternoon wandering around while plundging yourself in London rich historical background. You will probably stumble upon old people sleeping on benches, grass covered caravans, a prison-museum with clinking skeletons hanging on the shop front and other “WTF???” details!


In the Knightsbridge district, you will find Harrods, the most beautiful shop in the world to me! Harrods offers top quality products of any sort, the most creative packagings, the most delirious layouts and designs I have ever seen. It is a pleasure to get lost in a place filled with such pretty things!


Saint James Park is the park located in front of Buckingham Palace. A nice place for a pic nic or reading if you wish to escape from the touristy crowds.


In the “WTF” category, I named: Camden Town! This disctrict is the place to be if you are an amateur of old markets, vintage shops, and artisans. It is also renowned for it’s punk / grunge / hippie / pin up side. Don’t be afraid if you run into folks with a delirious flashy looks and piercings, it’s part of the experience!


In the famous disctrict of Notting Hills and its cute pastel houses, I recommand you walk on Portobello road and have a look at the vintage jewlery boutiques, the antique shops and roof top terraces to eat fish & ships at sunset. No traces of Hugh Grant to provide love at first sight, but many other surprises to enlight your day!Nottinghilsclemmo

And here is the end of this recap. 3 days was not enough to visit such a rich city, but I am looking forward to visit it again. If you know the city well, don’t hesitate to send me your recomandations & tips in the comments.

Cheer up to you ! xoxo Clemmo


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