Clemmo’s DIY Bath Salts


Let’s have a relaxing weekend! I am lucky enough to have a bath tub at home (it’s a luxury if you live in Paris) so I want to present to you this cocooning DIY: homemade bath salts!

Homemade cosmetics are easily accessible to everyone now, thanks to brands like Aroma Zone, who sell kits to make your own cosmetics at home. These bath salts are simply exquisite. They are really enjoyable and affordable—and they make a good gift idea!

Sels de bain Clemmo2To make my bath salts, I bought three little flasks of lavender, grapefruit and lemongrass essential oils (2,50€ each), and I already had the rest of the ingredients: cooking salt, food coloring, and sweet almond oil.

The recipe is easy: you just have to mix all the ingredients together. I wouldn’t recommend using too much essential oil, only a few drops are enough to perfume the salt. The almond oil is here to soften the water and make sure the salts don’t dry out the skin.

Now it’s your turn to relax!

Thanks to Val & Swann for this girly shooting :)

xoxo Clemmo

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