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Hello hello,

Thursday is Thanksgiving, my favorite American day! As you know, I am French, and we French are completely obsessed with food. That’s why I enjoy Thanksgiving more than any other day: it is a great occasion to gather all your friends and family around a huge hobbit-y feast after cooking for at least 24 hours. The aftermath is 24 hours of food-induced coma­—totally worth it! The key recipe of Thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie. Since I come from the Caribbean, I wanted to revisit the recipe with a touch of coconut and dark rum.

The recipe is below the wonderful self-portrait.

Hope to see you soon, when your stomach recovers!

Xoxo Clemmo


The coconut and rum pumpkin pie

My recipe:

Ingredients – For 6 people

– ¼ of a little pumpkin (enough to make one cup of purée)

– 4 eggs

– A pie crust

– 1 cup coconut milk

– ½ cup ground almonds

– ¾ cup of brown sugar

– A spoon of cinnamon

– A spoon of ginger

– A spoon of vanilla extract

– 2 spoons of dark rum

Preparation – 40 minutes

– In a large pot, cook the pumpkin in water until it starts melting into a purée, and finish in a blender or food processor. It must be very mushy.

– In a pie dish, pre-cook the crust 15 minutes — 350°F — and let it rest.

– In a large bowl, mix the purée with the sugar, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, rum and almonds. Beat in coconut milk. Add eggs one by one, until incorporated fully.

– Pour the pie batter on the crust, and bake it about 25-30 minutes. The filling will look brown. The pie will continue solidifying while resting in the fridge.

– Voilà!

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